12 Winter Car Essentials To Pack Every Time You Travel

18th January 2016

Following on from our previous blog about ensuring you have prepared your vehicle for a winter journey, we want to ensure that you have the necessities in your car at all times too.

Whether you’ve previously checked your car earlier in the season or this is the first time, ensure that all of the following is in your vehicle and that you use our other winter blog posts.

Before every journey check weather updates and local travel news.

12 Winter Car Essentials To Pack

  1. Shovel
  2. Blanket
  3. Jacket and cold weather clothing
  4. Mobile phone and charger
  5. Emergency rations – water, hot drink and chocolate
  6. First aid kit
  7. Torch and batteries
  8. Warm shoes – wellington boots
  9. De-icer and scraper
  10. Hazard warning triangle
  11. Tow rope
  12. Fuel can

8 Tips For Winter Driving

  1. Allow extra journey time
  2. Plan a route that avoids hills and rural routes – stick to main roads that are more likely to be gritted
  3. Stay attentive
  4. Increase your stopping distance and reduce your speed
  5. Pay attention to weather warnings
  6. Use your lights as you would normally – if you are unsure always turn them on, it is always better to be seen
  7. If your car begins to slide, turn into it – not away from it
  8. Drive gently and don’t break too heavily / suddenly

If you would like to know more about protecting your car in winter conditions, please look out for our related blogs on the topic.

Always consult your local garage or car mechanic for any advice or information on your car and maintenance care. Stanley Travel is offering advice only and would always recommend you seek professional advice.

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