14 Facts about the Red Arrows

18th July 2016

As you come along with us to the Red Arrows display at Sunderland International Airshow this weekend, we’ve collated our favourite facts and figures about the daredevil flyers.

  1. The first official Red Arrows display was on May 6, 1965 at Little Rissington [source]
  2. The first public Red Arrows display was on May 9, 1965 at Clermont Ferrand, France [source]
  3. The first authorised display with 9 aircraft was on 8 July 1966 at RAF Little Rissington [source]
  4. Officially the Red Arrows are titled the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team [source]
  5. The Red Arrows display has taken place in more than 50 countries around the world [source]
  6. The first female Red Arrow pilot was announced in 2010 – Flt Lt Kirsty Moore [source]
  7. Every year, three pilots are changed every year, so there is always three first year pilots, three second year pilots and three final year pilots [source]
  8. When they have completed their three-year course of duty for the Red arrows, these pilots usually go back to “front line” duty in their main-stream career [source]
  9. In 17 years out of the 35, the Team has flown more than 100 displays [source]
  10. 6 of the 12 aircraft currently used by the Red Arrows have been used by the Team every year since the Hawk was introduced in 1980 [source]
  11. The Red Arrows help more than 500 UK charities every year [source]
  12. With the exception of their arrival manoeuvre the Red Arrows do not fly directly over the crowd [source]
  13. There are three types of display the pilots can perform, weather permitting – the Full Display, the Rolling Display and the Flat Display [source]
  14. The Red Arrows are nicknamed ‘The Reds’ – their supporting engineering team is known as ‘The Blues’ [source]

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