16 Ways to Prevent ‘I’m Bored’ This Summer

8th August 2016

We all know what it’s like, whether it’s because we’re grandparents and ‘been there, done it’, we’re parents living it or youngsters who remember causing it – those squeals of “I’m bored!” three days into the six weeks of summer holidays!

To help with the process of keeping the children entertained, purse strings managed and general stress levels from hitting ceiling height, we’ve compiled a few great tips and ideas.

With a poll revealing that ‘grumpy children say “I’m bored” more than 200 times over the summer holidays”, these might just save the harmony of your household.

16 Ways to Prevent “I’m Bored” This Summer!

  1. Visit a local park – or a number of them

Explore the fields, playgrounds and other activities that are in your local park/s.

  1. Hide and Seek

Have a day at home with the kids and play the classic “hide and seek” with the kids – of course, set ground rules.

  1. Board games and indoor games

Play lots of board games and even fun, old school games with your children and other loved ones – including musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and ‘Duck, duck, goose’.

  1. Craft Day

Spend £5-£10 on a stack of craft items and let the kids go crazy with colour, texture and design. Prepare the dining table or office desk by putting down newspaper.

  1. Get in the kitchen

It can be inexpensive but a whole lot of fun and educational for you to get together with your little ones to create something fun in the kitchen – homemade pizza, pastries and cakes are all fantastic options!

  1. Play date

Arrange with another parent to organise two playdates where each of you takes the other’s child/ren while the other gets a break.

  1. Build a family den or camp in the garden

Get outdoors and camp in the garden – your young children will love this if they’ve never camped out. Equally get all of the duvets, cushions and make a fantastic den in the living room or a bedroom and sleep ‘under the stars’ using an inexpensive nightlight.

  1. Take a trip to the museum

There are lots of museums and great days out, such as trips to manors and halls available on our doorsteps, with some of these being free to attend and most definitely affordable.

  1. Visit relatives

If Auntie Lisa doesn’t normally get visited, why not take the kids to see her and explore someone else’s garden? Go out for the day with family and the kids’ cousins!

  1. Go swimming

Swimming is incredibly inexpensive, some run schemes during the holidays too, and can be a great family bonding session as well as of course getting your children in the water and into a different sporting activity.

  1. Make ‘big’ activities a reward

If money is an issue, make big activities such as days to theme parks and even swimming a reward for good behaviour. If you use reward charts and similar systems this can be a great way to make days out more rewarding.

  1. Weekend away

If you have saved up some money there are plenty of holiday parks in the UK to take the children for a weekend.

  1. Day in the garden – BBQ!

Get outdoors, play football, swing ball, tag or organise a BBQ and invite relatives and the kids’ friends for a fun day in the garden.

  1. Treasure hunt – explore the countryside

Organise a treasure hunt at granny and grandad’s or take the kids to the countryside and ask them to spot certain flowers, stones, trees or similar. This resource from Netmums is a great start for a cheap day in the great outdoors.

  1. Catch a movie together

Make a date and go to see one of the many family films scheduled for release this summer, including The BFG, The Jungle Book, The Secret Life of Pets and Pete’s Dragon.

  1. Theme parks and zoos

There are hundreds of resources for 2 for 1 and cheap children’s entry tickets to theme parks and zoos, both online and in brochures, magazines and newspapers.

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