7 Steps to Cycling Success – Long Distance Advice and Tips

14th July 2014

When cycling long-distance, you meet people and chat – especially on the C2C – but which advice is the best we’ve received over the years…?

All cyclists have endured different experiences of various locations and all have their own “top advice” when it comes to tackling such journeys.

However, just what key advice should all cyclists receive that will unreservedly help their journey go a little easier?

  1. Wear “proper” cycling clothing.
  2. Put together a kit of bike repair basics and safety basics, in advance.
  3. Pack high energy foods, in case of emergency or exhaustion.
  4. Train for your trip by starting with short cycling sessions, which build up to your target journey distance.
  5. Always warm up and warm down for ten minutes each!
  6. Gears – they’re there for a reason, so use them to your advantage and make things easier where you can.
  7. Make a point of stopping every 10 – 20 miles, dependant on your skill and experience. Always drink and if necessary, eat (preferably those high energy foods that we mentioned).

When it comes to actual pieces of advice, the ones that ring true with us are:

  1. You don’t need an expensive bike – you need one that’s comfortable!
  2. Money isn’t everything – you need the basics, which should only be enough to keep you hydrated, healthy and happy. Set a budget for your trip and stick to it.
  3. In-depth bike repair knowledge is for those who have jobs doing it. Know the basics and ensure you’re always going to be safe – that’s all you need!
  4. Beauty products are for those who are going to be looking smart. On a holiday with us? Give it to our luggage forwarding service – don’t ride it all the way to the coast.

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