8 Winter Car Care Tips For Your Vehicle

12th January 2016

We will be posting a few blogs on the topic of winter driving, in a bid to help you prepare as colder weather approaches in January.

Ideally you should have prepped your vehicle for winter conditions in November, but we have been lucky – in the most part – to avoid snow and ice yet.

If you took advantage of a free winter health check from a garage a few months ago, it’s worth re-checking the status of your car and ensuring you’re fully prepared for any drops in temperature or deterioration in weather.

Winter Car Care Tips: 8 Things To Do In Advance of Poor Weather

  1. Before any journey check the local travel news and weather updates to ensure you’re prepared for setbacks or poor weather.
  2. Check your tyre pressures, top up your washer fluid and make sure all of your lights are working.
  3. Clean ALL windows and mirrors of mist, ice and condensation – keep de-icer and a scraper in your vehicle.
  4. Door locks can be prevented from freezing by squirting WD40.
  5. Always keep your wipers in the ‘off’ position when you finish driving – they can freeze to the window.
  6. Take regular breaks, ideally every two hours and share long distance driving with others, whenever possible.
  7. Have your breakdown provider’s details stored in your mobile phone – better yet, keep a paper copy of the details in your car.
  8. Check our Winter Car Essentials blog post – coming next week – as well as your fuel level before your journey.

If you would like to know more about protecting your car in winter conditions, please look out for our related blogs on the topic.

Always consult your local garage or car mechanic for any advice or information on your car and maintenance care. Stanley Travel is offering advice only and would always recommend you seek professional advice.

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