Advice For Driving in Snow and Ice Conditions

25th January 2016

The third instalment in our latest winter driving series, focuses on driving in difficult conditions due to the weather – snow and ice.

Remember that we are only providing guidelines and general advice – for any specific advice or queries about your vehicle and its capabilities to drive in adverse conditions, please consult your local garage or car manufacturer.

Driving in such weather conditions is more difficult for many reason – least of all because it is often difficult to spot ice, let alone black ice.

Our key point of advice is to remain extremely alert and reduce your speed and if the weather is really bad, don’t drive in it unless it is an absolute necessity – pay attention to travel news and weather alerts.

Advice For Driving in Snow and Ice Conditions

  1. It’s important to start and finish your journey in a well ventilated car – use air con to ensure your windows remain mist-free and never turn the heating up full for a car journey – it can make you drowsy.
  2. In snow, you should stop – where it is safe to do so – to effectively clean windows and lights. Visibility will almost certainly be reduced, so use dipped headlights once snow is a factor.
  3. Every manoeuvre should be performed gently – stopping distances are ten times longer than usual.
  4. Keep to main roads as they are more likely to be gritted – after the winter conditions have started to improve, bear in mind that ice can remain in areas that are shaded by buildings and trees.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes and preferably have a second pair in the car – snow-covered boots will slip on the pedals.
  6. Always apply brakes gently and release them and de-clutch if the car skids during this process.
  7. Select a second gear when pulling away, ease your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel spin.
  8. When driving downhill, reduce your speed before the hill, use a low gear and avoid using the brakes.
  9. When climbing a hill, avoid having to stop – until it’s clear by leaving plenty of room ahead.
  10. Maintain a constant speed – choose the most suitable gear for the conditions and speed, well in advance.

If you would like to know more about protecting your car in winter conditions, please look out for our related blogs on the topic.

Always consult your local garage or car mechanic for any advice or information on your car and maintenance care. Stanley Travel is offering advice only and would always recommend you seek professional advice.

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