Best Of… Car Gadgets

7th March 2016

There are lots of cool gadgets that have been made to enhance the driving or passenger experience of vehicles lately, so we’re sharing our favourites with you.

It goes without saying that we should all be very careful when adopting gadgets and technologies in vehicles – never compromise safety!

If you are wary of installing particular gadgets for safety and distraction purposes – don’t risk it, it’s just not worth it.

Sat Nav

This has quickly become an in-car essential, particularly for those of us who travel regularly. In 2016 there are many sat navs which claim to best deal with traffic disruptions, thanks to lifetime traffic services, as well as updated navigation maps and easier set ups. Two favourites on the 2016 market are the TomTom GO 6000 and Garmin nuvi 2599LMT-D.


Safeguard yourself against disputes over liability in accidents or false claims by using a dashcam. These have been popular in Russia for many years but are quickly become key must-haves for UK vehicle owners. There are a lot of choices for these products, from basic video recording models to top of the range dashcams including multiple cameras, accident sensors and being capable to record speed and location by GPS. Research what would suit you needs and budget best – there are plenty to choose from!

Boot Organiser

Once those car and winter essentials are thrown into the boot they soon add up and whether you’re going on a trip or for the weekly grocery shop. Boot organisers are popular solutions to avoid your belongings sliding around the boot when you’re driving. With choices starting from less than £5, it’s a great addition to any car.

Breathalyser Kits

There are lots of breathalyser kits flooding the market at the moment, so that you can avoid driving when over the alcohol limit (and having to face a real breathalyser test). Shop around for the sets that suit you, whether that’s a single use twin pack or an actual breathalyser machine. Prices range from less than £5!

Car Bin

Whether it’s just you or a family in the car, it can often be easy to build up pieces of paper, wrappers and other pieces of rubbish. Say “hello” to a Henry Hoover pop up bin (via for the car, or another quirky pop up design, to ensure that your car stays tidy in-between valets.

Family Car Decals

Popular with families across the UK and US, The Sticker Family is an excellent online store fo car decals with lots of different designs for all members of the family. Proudly display your family members in the back windscreen or side windows – guaranteed giggles for all of your family and the car behind!

If you have some great tips for additions to the car, either as drivers, passengers or to keep the kids occupied, tweet us at @stanley_travel.

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