How To Buy A Bike This Christmas

15th December 2014

Buying a bicycle for a loved one – particularly a child – can be a huge moment as it’s often the first step on their path to cycling success, so what are some pointers?

No two bicycles are the same and different people with different uses and requirements for the bike require different specifics and features.

How do we know?

After years of being a part of the transport and cycling sector, we know that even if it’s a child you’re purchasing for, there is much to be researched!

Top Tips for Purchasing a Bike for Someone Else This Christmas

As much as researching your perfect bike and budgeting for the ideal ride, it’s also worth putting extra aside for accessories and safety tools such as helmets, lights and bike locks.

  • Go to a reputable local bicycle retailer as they can advise on the ideal bike for a person’s height and build – perfect for children’s bikes.
  • Never buy self-assemble bikes unless you’re skilled in putting them up – think safety first.
  • If it’s possible, try before you buy. Take your child to the bike shop and they’ll be totally unaware – after all it is Santa who gets their presents! If not, give a gift voucher, so they can choose the best bike for themselves.
  • For children’s bikes, buy a ride that has few gears and has only front suspension or none at all.
  • Consider NOT buying stabilisers for children. Teach them quickly about balancing in a safe environment (one that has a soft landing!) and, of course, purchase a helmet and other safety equipment.
  • If they’ve already got a bike, pimp their ride! We have a great gift guide for last minute Christmas purchase ideas and everyone loves when people take their hobbies into consideration for presents!

Get the best advice from our local cycle shop or group, as they are accustomed to advising different customers about suitable bikes for their needs.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and if you’re lucky enough to get a cycling gift this festive season, tweet us at @UKBikeBus

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