13th April 2015

The final leg of the Tour de Yorkshire takes place on Sunday 3rd, May and will pass through a number of towns and villages including Barnsley, Hebden Bridge and Haworth. With an impressive 348km already completed in the previous stages through Bridlington – Scarborough and Selby to York, there is a final 167km to travel Read More

6th April 2015

2015 brings the first annual event of Tour de Yorkshire, with Stage 2 featuring a route from Selby to York, on Saturday 2nd May. Locations along the way include: Selby North Newbald Cherry Burton Stamford Bridge York Market Weighton Beverley Wetwang Norton nr. Malton As an official host city of the first Tour de Yorkshire, Read More

30th March 2015

In 2014 a host of places missed out on the incredible experience of being a part of Le Grand Depart, which started in Yorkshire, including this part of the North Yorkshire Moors… Now, Bridlington, Scarborough and many seaside towns and villages along the way are “gearing up” to make the most of this huge inaugural Read More

23rd March 2015

You’re sure to have heard by now about the fantastic introduction of the Tour de Yorkshire on May 1-3, 2015, following on from the success of the Tour de France’s Le Grand Depart in 2014. With the success of Le Grand Depart from 2014’s Tour de France still buzzing across Yorkshire, the official board for Read More

26th January 2015

With last week’s UK focused blog on cycling events, we’re providing the perfect cycling holiday abroad this week… 2015 is shaping up to be a calendar full of cycling events and brilliant opportunities for cyclists at every level to get involved. If the UK doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are some fantastic cycling holidays that Read More

19th January 2015

2014 was a great year for cycling events, activities and general awareness-raising of the fantastic sport. However, let’s not think that that’s the end of it! 2015 is shaping up to be a calendar full of cycling events and brilliant opportunities for cyclists at every level to get involved. Planned UK Cycling Events in 2015 Read More

12th January 2015

It’s a New Year for cycling, but what have the last 12 months taught us? We found our favourite and the most culturally important statistics and facts about cycling, published in 2014. Start 2015 with cycling and bike knowledge in abundance, with these fantastic statistics and facts. 87% of adults walked or cycled at least Read More

6th January 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist and bicycle-purchaser, there are times when it feels like you’re just ready for some new wheels. Sometimes it’s a case of you feel like getting something shiny or new, or the trusty ride you’ve depended on for years has finally got a repair list that outruns the cost of a Read More

22nd December 2014

It’s 2015! You may be resting after one too many sherries over the festive period but it’s worth thinking about your plan for cycling – hobby or commute. Sometimes we simply get ‘stuck in a rut’ or things become a bit ‘stale’, so 2015 is the year to mix up your cycling pattern and hobbies. Read More

19th December 2014

The dream gift might be a bike, but there is somewhat of a sense of disappointment when a present is so “obvious” amongst the others on Christmas Day. Children and adults alike are often now somewhat experts at guessing what a present is, while it’s still in the wrapping paper – we all know what Read More

15th December 2014

Buying a bicycle for a loved one – particularly a child – can be a huge moment as it’s often the first step on their path to cycling success, so what are some pointers? No two bicycles are the same and different people with different uses and requirements for the bike require different specifics and Read More

8th December 2014

Without a doubt, we LOVE Christmas, but there’s something about shopping for niche products – such as those for cyclists – that can fill loved ones with fear. If you’re a cyclist looking for a handy way to nudge your family and friends in the direction of gifts you’d love, or a loved one in Read More