6th February 2017

We all know how ‘painful’ commuting can seem, especially when it seems like it’s a never-ending, increasingly large part of your working day, but there are ways to improve it… Whether you’re hoping to make the time more productive, catch up on some ZZZs or generally make the experience more pleasant, here are our top Read More

30th January 2017

New York is a fast-paced, metropolitan city and it needs to function for millions of people that use the city for work, home, play and adventure. In spite of the fact that New York City (all five boroughs – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island) is just 304.8sq miles, it is also the Read More

The Great North/South Transport Divide
23rd January 2017

Figures reveal that the UK Government spends six times more per person on transport in London than the North. As Northerners, there’s somewhat of a given right for us to have a ‘bee in our bonnet’ about various North/South divide issues, but you may be surprised about the extent of the divide when it comes Read More

23rd December 2016

We’d like to extend our best wishes to all of our readers and customers, old and new, this festive season. On behalf of all of the team, we’d like to wish you a happy and healthy 2017 and we hope you all get lots of great presents this Christmas Day! Remember, just because the festive Read More

19th December 2016

Have you got behind the wheel when you were sad? Maybe you were angry and thought a ride around the block would cool you down? A recent Virginia Tech study found that emotional drivers are nearly ten times more likely to crash [Source]. Safe driving comes from a good mental state; so the worries of Read More

12th December 2016

Most of you will experience some type of distraction when you’re driving, whether it be your phone is ringing or you’re talking to a passenger. However, any time not spent fully concentrating on driving poses a risk to yourself and other road users. Have you been preoccupied with something else while behind the wheel? Some Read More

5th December 2016

Icy conditions in winter can trouble any driver, no matter how experienced or confident you may be. While trying to avoid the situation is the best option, black ice is often hard to detect and can cause you to skid at any moment. To best prevent an accident and ensure you drive safely on ice, Read More

28th November 2016

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. The Department of Transport’s 2015 review found that they have the highest accident and injury rates in comparison to cars, bikes and trucks. It was also found that the main reason for a motorcycle accident was failure to look properly [Source]. It is much Read More

21st November 2016

Driving in the winter can be extremely daunting, especially during adverse weather conditions like snow and ice. But fortunately you don’t have to be a professional driver to have a safe journey in the colder months! All you must remember to do is to prepare by doing 8 quick and simple things before setting off. Read More

14th March 2016

Stanley Travel has been selected as the preferred operator to take over the long established ‘Lanchester Village Link’ Taxi Bus. The service is a joint enterprise between Durham County Council and Lanchester Partnership and has been running since April 2001. The service is often referred to as the lifeblood of the Village and is essential in Read More

Whether you’re driving as a professional or for personal use and commuting, we all know how quickly fuel seems to “disappear”, particularly if you use the car daily or travel a considerable distance for work. Although fuel prices have been impressing us lately, with the value for both petrol and diesel dropping below £1 a Read More

7th March 2016

There are lots of cool gadgets that have been made to enhance the driving or passenger experience of vehicles lately, so we’re sharing our favourites with you. It goes without saying that we should all be very careful when adopting gadgets and technologies in vehicles – never compromise safety! If you are wary of installing Read More