Cycling Clubs and Groups in Your Area

13th October 2014

With an increase in people taking up cycling as a means of transport, a hobby or choosing it as a competitive sport, there is a definite uptake in those joining cycling clubs. 

Why should you join a cycling club or group in your area?

  • Easy way to get more out of your cycling – develop skills and improve stamina
  • Take part in events and group meetings – meet new people who share your interests
  • Find a group that matches your ability and skill, so you’re “at the same pace”

Getting Involved With Your Local Club / Group

A great place to start is going down to a local bicycle sales or maintenance shop. If you don’t want to do it that way, or don’t live near to a local bicycle services retailer, you can try the British Cycling website.

The British Cycling Finder Tool is great at narrowing down your club search to real specifics that matter, such as location, club activities and suitability based on levels and age groups.

Up next, we like the CTC’s Local Groups Map which pin points its listed groups in an easy display format, with the options to specify similar to the British Cycling website.

A rather unique way of finding cycling friends is through the Sky Ride’s Ride Social tool which allows you to find all manner of cycling companions and activities. Choose from buddies (riding companion in your area), groups (local clubs and larger groups of local riders) and rides (events you might be interested in).

If you’re looking for smaller, area specific groups, try a Google search. We got these two great resources for Manchester and the Leeds / Bradford areas.

Don’t forget we can help with all specific queries about joining local groups and cycling in your area – head over to @UKBikeBus and let us know your query!


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