Disabled Access

Wheelchair and disabled access is of paramount importance to us, having witnessed so many journeys that have been “made” by our care and respect of those who require extra attention and time.

With this in mind, we have two stunning executive mobility coaches, which are both based on the renowned Volvo B12M Plaxton Panther and offers the same high standards of comfort to passengers in wheelchairs as enjoyed by able-bodied passengers.

The coaches are available with several different seating arrangements, offering a flexible mix of up to 53 reclining seats and the space to accommodate one static wheelchair per coach. For the safety and convenience of passengers, there is an access door in the middle of the coach, with a smaller access panel below the door, where the lift is stored.

Our executive mobility coach comes with all features you’d expect of a typical vehicle, with reclining seats, double glazed windows with curtains, air suspension with the ability to lower the front of the vehicle for easier access, TV/DVD player and CD/PA system, as well as a toilet for use on those longer journeys.

All of our coach drivers have been specially trained to use the wheelchair lift, clamps and seat belts for wheelchair users. The majority of our coach drivers have years of experience in transporting wheelchair users in various vehicles from out fleet.