PCV Driver Training

Many Bus and Coach companies are short of drivers and do not have the time or resources to train new drivers.

Stanley Travel PCV Training is a small driver training agency that can take all the stress out of driver training. We can organise medicals, theory tests, as well as upgrades of licenses from automatic to manual licence.A provisional P.C.V. driving licence is required prior to training. Forms for this can be obtained from the D.V.L.A. or ourselves along with the medical form which is required to be completed by a doctor. We can arrange a medical for you if you like. Once your provisional P.C.V. licence has been received, there are three tests to be taken at a driving theory test centre.

These are located at Morpeth, Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

1. P.C.V Multiple Choice test or theory test as it was known, consisting of a series of 100 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 85.

2. P.C.V Hazard Perception Test, is where a series of 19 video clips of road situations are shown on computer and the trainee has to click the button when he/she sees a developing hazard of which there are 20 scored hazards. The pass mark is 67 out of a possible 100.

3. P.C.V. Drivers C.P.C. A selection of seven case studies you will be asked to answer between 6 and 8 questions on each in a number of different ways by multiple choice, clicking on an area of a photograph or giving a short text answer. These tests do need to be studied for and we will loan you the books/DVD’s that you need for the revision, we do ask for a deposit which is refunded when we get the material back.An assessment drive with our instructor can be arranged once you have receive your licence back with provisional entitlement. This will normally take 30 – 45 minutes and will establish how many training days you will need in order to get to ‘test’ standard.

Training is conducted in one of our training vehicles for 5 days (3 days for a mini coach). We will try to include during the training period the Module 4 Practical Demonstration Test, this requires the trainee to demonstrate their knowledge of the vehicle and how it should be operated safely and efficiently. The training concludes with the Practical Driving Test where the trainee has to show that they can drive in a competent and safe manner.


P.C.V Multiple Choice Theory Test – Approximately £26 – Check with DVSA
P.C.V Hazard Perception Theory Test – Approximately £11 – Check with DVSA
P.C.V. Drivers C.P.C. Case Study Test – £23 – Check with DVSA
5 Days Training – £2000.00 + VAT
3 Days Training £1200.00 + VAT (mini coaches)
Practical Driving Test – £TBC – Check with us for latest prices(week days)
Module 4 Practical Demonstration Test £TBC – Check with us for latest prices

Our pass rate is high and we will do everything we can to help you become a proficient safe P.C.V. driver.

Please contact us for prices of upgrades, medicals and Driver CPC training.