Featured Day Trip: Eden Camp

30th May 2016

Eden Camp is an award-winning modern history museum, housed within the grounds of a genuine WWII prisoner of war camp, near Malton.

This North Yorkshire museum is crammed with history and guarantees an ‘as authentic as can be’ experience of life during WWII.

First opening to the public in 1987, this museum has grown into one of the most comprehensive museums covering British military and social history from 1914 onwards.

Developed by local businessman, Stan Johnson, it stands as a tribute to all of those – civilian and military –that endured hardship during WWII.

Today, visitors experience the sights, smells and sounds of the time, with amazing re-enactments that create a unique atmosphere.

Eden Camp as a POW camp

The War Office chose the very plot of land Eden Camp is built upon, near Malton, to accommodate Italian and German prisoners of war that were captured from the battle fields of Europe and Africa.

Soon enough his basic camp became home to the first influx of prisoners – roughly 250 Italian POWs – these original prisoners of war were tasked with developing a permeant camp.

From mid-1944 – 1949 the camp was home to German prisoners and was then used as a place of accommodate for displaced persons, later as an agricultural holiday camp and then a Ministry of Agriculture depot.

In 1985, Stan Johnson bought a portion of the site – some was sold off in the previous years – and planned to transform it into a crisp manufacturing plant.

However, his plans were disrupted when a group of ex-Italian POWs sought permission to look around their former home – this created the idea of transforming the land into a museum.

The historical importance of Eden Camp

Although most of us already understand the significance of Eden Camp and remembering our part in WWII, these facts might be great for teaching your children or grandchildren about the war.

  • WWII lasted six years – 1939 to 1945 – involving 61 countries and 1.7 billion people. [Source: Primary Homework Help]
  • 55 million people lost their lives and hundreds of millions of people were injured during the six year battle. [Source: Primary Homework Help]
  • The Second World War was started by Germany in an unprovoked attack on Poland. Britain and France declared war on Germany after Hitler had refused to abort his invasion of Poland. [Source: Primary Homework Help]
  • Some children were required to move from their families and homes to safer areas, namely the countryside, during WWII. [Source: BBC Primary History – WWII]
  • Air raids were commonplace and was an attack by enemy planes dropping bombs. Warnings were sent out across towns and cities using sirens – people used air raid shelters (underground) for protection when sirens were sounded. [Source: BBC Primary History – WWII]

Visiting Eden Camp with Stanley Travel

We will be visiting Eden Camp on Saturday 9th July with adult tickets priced at £15.00, under 16s at £13.00 and family tickets at £52.00. Book your trip now.

  • Find out more about Stanley Travel’s extensive range of day trips and holidays now or book your trip to Eden Camp by calling 01207 237 424.

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