How to Gift Wrap a Bike This Christmas

19th December 2014

The dream gift might be a bike, but there is somewhat of a sense of disappointment when a present is so “obvious” amongst the others on Christmas Day.

Children and adults alike are often now somewhat experts at guessing what a present is, while it’s still in the wrapping paper – we all know what disc cases and books feel like.

Clothes are equally obvious – a shirt and tie set stands out from usual T shirts, as are CDs and games console boxes.

The best way to disguise most of these is with the use of boxes, bags and other forms of packaging. However it’s more challenging to do this with a bicycle!

Accepting that it’s not going to be the best trick you’ve ever pulled off

Sometimes it’s best to hold your hands up and accept that it’s either:

  1. Not going to sit with the other presents and, instead, be wheeled in as a surprise
  2. It’s best to put a fancy bow on it and make do, rather than attempt to use six rolls of wrapping paper as disguise

Other times there are ways around the situation, if you have time you can get great large Christmas wrapping paper style covers that are in the style of wrapping paper, or huge Christmas gift bags, that you can wheel the bicycle in and seal.

Of course, you can become an origami expert – or find one – with your wrapping paper and design an unusual looking style to your wrapping [see this Halfords article].

Otherwise, it can be equally brilliant to wrap up the helmet or horn as a “clue” and then open the curtains to the back garden with their “real present”!

Whatever you do, ensure that the bicycle is correctly sized for the person riding and that you have all of the safety essentials and accessories required.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and if you’re lucky enough to get a cycling gift this festive season, tweet us at @UKBikeBus!


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