Halloween in Whitby, October 29th

3rd October 2016

Come along to Whitby on Saturday 29th October for the perfect way to begin the Halloween festivities with your loved ones!

With so much to do in Whitby all year round, there is still, perhaps, no better time to visit than Halloween!

There’s something about Whitby with its stunning, gothic, Whitby Abbey and links to Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, which makes this seaside town a little more mystical at this time of year!

Whether you’re a grandparent, parent or child, there’s something that all of the family will love on our day trip!

  • Climb the 199 steps to the ruined Benedictine Whitby Abbey, with its stunning graveyard and prominent placing with views across Whitby and the North Yorkshire countryside. Learn more about Whitby Abbey here.
  • Visit Whitby Abbey on October 92th to experience ‘Spooky Abbey’, with a host of frighteningly fun activities planned, including a scary story and spooky trail – let the kids’ imaginations run wild in the very building that inspired the gothic Dracula story! Event details can be found here.
  • Attend the Bram Stoker Film Festival, which is available on Saturday 29th October from 10.00am – late. More information here.
  • Grab Whitby’s classic Fish & Chips at the infamous Magpie Café – be prepared to queue! Additionally get takeaway chips and enjoy the seagulls which will challenge you for them – A favourite Whitby pastime of ours!
  • If you’re feeling brave, face the brisk North Sea wind and grab a speedboat or pleasure boat along the Whitby coastline!
  • Make the most of any dry weather we might have and hit Whitby’s beach (you still might want to leave your coat on though).
  • Visit the famous Whitby Whale Bone Arch, which is situated next to the monument of our area’s great explorer, Captain Cook! Originally erected in 1963, it was replaced in 2002 with whalebones found in Whitby’s sister town, Anchorage, Alaska! Learn about the arch here.

Visit Whitby with Stanley Travel this Halloween

Visit Whitby and enjoy this magically spooky seaside town on Saturday 29th October with the team at Stanley Travel. Book here.

  • Browse Stanley Travel’s database of day trips and holidays and call our friendly team for more information about our trips or to book, 01207 237 424.

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