How To Be Extra Cautious Around Motorcyclists

28th November 2016

Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users.

The Department of Transport’s 2015 review found that they have the highest accident and injury rates in comparison to cars, bikes and trucks. It was also found that the main reason for a motorcycle accident was failure to look properly [Source].

It is much easier to spot a car overtaking you rather than a small motorcycle (which you may not even notice in your field of vision until it has passed).

So how do you go about sharing the road with motorcyclists? Stanley Travel has compiled these easy steps to ensure the safety of yourself and others…

  • Repeatedly check your mirrors constantly – It sounds simple but the only way to know if there are any motorbikes in your vicinity is to check your mirrors every so often.
  • Check your blind spot – You should do this particularly when turning into junctions or changing lanes. Simply look over your shoulder to the direction you are planning to manoeuvre; this will then allow you to see any motorbikes that might be in the area of the blind spot and prevent an accident.
  • Give plenty of space – You can overtake a motorcyclist if you need to but give as much space as you would give a car. If driving on a dual carriageway or motorway, never cut into their lane. They are legally entitled to their own lane of traffic, so don’t try to share!
  • Stay back – Never tailgate a motorbike. They can brake very quickly and without much notice, so keep a distance to stop any casualties. Also, don’t be alarmed if they swerve across a lane; they may be trying to avoid debris on the road. Keep a big gap between your vehicle and the motorbike!

Motorcyclists are essentially exposed. If you hit them at speed, the result will most certainly be serious injury, if not death. A collision could also result in penalty points on your license, a driving ban, a fine or even a prison sentence depending on the severity.

Just remember – expect a motorbike to appear at any time and drive with caution.

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