How To Make The Most Of Your Fuel

14th March 2016

Whether you’re driving as a professional or for personal use and commuting, we all know how quickly fuel seems to “disappear”, particularly if you use the car daily or travel a considerable distance for work.

Although fuel prices have been impressing us lately, with the value for both petrol and diesel dropping below £1 a litre, we know that this won’t last forever and even if it does you still want to make the most of your tank – whether it’s half full or empty.

Condition of tyres

You should regularly check the air pressure of your tyres and tread depth. Additionally, take notice of how the car sounds as you drive and before you begin a journey check all of your tyres for puncture or glass and stones in the tyres.

Check your fuel cap

A loose cap can actually be a major way in which you can lose fuel – 30 gallons a year in fact. It might sound slightly unbelievable but it’s important to check for any opportunities that fuel evaporation is an issue.

Turn the engine off

If you find yourself in stationary traffic – not unusual in rush hour – then it’s advisable to turn off the engine, reducing both emissions and fuel consumption!

Look for promotions

Supermarkets can do some good offers on fuel prices, with typical promotions based on if you spend a certain amount on your weekly shop. Whether it’s the recently popular Tesco Clubcard Points offer which offered up to 10p a litre savings per month or other supermarkets which offer 1p or 2p off a litre of fuel, it’s worth purchasing these store fuel and discount cards.

Vehicle maintenance

As well as cars you need to make sure that your car is regularly checked, plus MOT and car servicing can be a key way of showing up issues with your car that may be negatively impacting fuel consumption.

Driving style

It goes without saying that the smoother you drive more responsible you are with speed and gear changes then you can really improve the amount of fuel that you ultimately use whilst driving. Being a careful driver pays off for many reasons! Telematics systems can

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