Must Have Cycling Clothes and Accessories for Winter 2014/15

24th November 2014

Those chilly dark months are now upon us, but why suffer with the cold more than you have to? Here is our Winter 2014/15 guide to comfortable, practical and warm cycling clothes, with accessories!

Layer up!

A key aspect of any cycling outfit is to have a base layer on. In the winter, moisture wicking is just as, if not more so, crucial. Why? The cooling effect of sweat on your skin is going to be a lot more noticeable.

It will keep you warm and help minimise the said cooling effect and disperse your sweat more widely on the outside surface – allowing your skin to dry faster.

Merino wool is perfect for this season, keeping fresher for longer and is much cosier in the chilly weather. Find out more about Merino wool and its properties here [source].


Softshell jackets are perfect for cyclists, being windproof and incredibly water resistant. If you ride in an exposed area, take an additional insulating layer, such as a pullover with Primaloft insulation. This insulation means it stays warm when wet and could be perfect if your journey stop / starts of you’re in a human or mechanical accident.

Keep those hands protected!

Try to opt for gloves that are waterproofed with long cuffs to tuck into your jacket sleeves and protect your wrists. Equally there is the option for leg and arm warmers which are ideal if you prefer to ride in short sleeve shirts or shorts. The advantage is once you get warm, they can be removed – ideal for longer journeys.

Be smart and think about your head

Although a woolly hat seems oh-so-appealing right now, you should consider safety above all else. With this we mean a helmet must always be worn, but to help with the weather, we advise wearing a helmet liner or skull cap.

Legs keep themselves warm, mostly

A cyclist’s legs stay warm because they’re constantly working, unlike the upper body. Full-length bibtights or thermal tights are perfect for winter months just to retain this heat. Commuters can also opt for loose cycling trousers, if they’re conscious how they look. Don’t forget your reflective strips and slap bands!

Top accessories

  • Waterproof and reflective rucksack cover
  • Fibre light
  • Thermal insulated socks
  • Reflective slap bands
  • Cycling glasses / goggles

To sum up…

There are a lot of products on the market for cyclists in colder conditions like the ones we’re facing now. Our top tip is not to skimp on such protective clothing, but also shop around. You don’t need the full kit, just what works best for you.

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