New Year and New Bike

6th January 2015

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist and bicycle-purchaser, there are times when it feels like you’re just ready for some new wheels.

Sometimes it’s a case of you feel like getting something shiny or new, or the trusty ride you’ve depended on for years has finally got a repair list that outruns the cost of a new bike.

Either way, we have the perfect list of suggestions to help you purchase that new bike, so hey, why not get a new bike for the New Year?

7 Tips for Buying a New Bike in the New Year

1.   Don’t scrimp!

It’s true that you can get really good deals on bikes if you research, but equally you can get some really rubbish bicycles too. Don’t let a “good deal” sway you, without ensuring it is actually a good deal and not a totally inappropriate, unsuitable bike.

2.   Is it right for you?

Yes! Take time to find the right bike for you – what sizes, gears, components, build – everything has an impact on your overall experience with a bike. Make sure that the bike you buy is actually appropriate for the purposes you’re going to use it for. For example,

  • Do you need a mountain bike?
  • Are gears important?

A good website for finding the right bike type for you is, or do it the old-fashioned way and visit your local cycling specialist shop.

3.   Are they a qualified, reputable seller?

Only listen to those who know what they’re talking about – as with everything in life. Are they a reputable seller with relevant qualifications and actual experience of cycling? Most British bike shops today have qualified staff with certificates and memberships including CyTech and being part of the Association of Cycle Traders.

4.   Consider components, as well as the “whole” product

Although you like the bike as a whole and appreciate the frame, what about the individual components? Test ride. If you don’t like the brakes, gears or wheels, then there’s something crucially wrong with purchasing this bicycle. Do you require something that is resistant to bad weather and bashes (i.e. is your bike coming on public transport with you?) then look for one with a gearbox build into the rear wheel’s hub! If not, you can look at hybrid or racing bicycles.

5.   Try before you buy!

Would you buy a car without test driving? Would you purchase your home without taking a peek (or getting a surveyor to) beforehand?

It’s unlikely that you would. Don’t take the same risk with purchasing a bicycle. It is this bike that will keep you safe, or not keep you safe. Don’t chance it by buying second hand, online, flat packed etc. unless you have any kind of guarantee when it comes to returns!

Test riding a bicycle can open up many questions that will perfect your shopping experience and will give you a real idea of the kind of bicycle you’re best suited to buying.

6.   Ask questions at every stage

A lot of people feel that if you ask questions it makes you look like you don’t know anything. Wrong. It shows that you want to make one purchase and get that one purchase right.

A reputable seller will be glad to settle qualms as they’ll be confident in their product. Check that the bicycle suits you, ask the seller if they think it’s right for you – the important reason we don’t recommend flat packs from high street stores or online second hand buys.

If you do buy online or second hand, always check the bike’s frame number before purchase  at to ensure you’re not purchasing stolen goods.

Happy New Year from @UKBikeBus!  If you’ve purchased, or been gifted, a new bike why not get in touch and share the details!

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