What To Pack On Your Bike Tour…

8th July 2014

A good tour is always better when you’ve got exactly what you need for your trip – and not an item or five more, weighing you down! Here is the Stanley Travel ultimate packing list for a great bike tour experience.

When you come with Stanley Travel on a bike tour we provide luggage forwarding services, but you may not want that or you may not be travelling with us.

Either way, sometimes you have to carry things – the big question is what MUST you take?

Of course, we know that cycling isn’t all about carrying accessories and bags and additional luggage – we all know that the less we have to carry, the better.

As well as our luggage forwarding service we provide a support vehicle on our cycling tours, so there is always support and available safety and servicing equipment and tools.

However, whether it’s for safety, “just in case” or “if we have chance” there are always certain things you should pack, especially if you’re not coming along with Bike Bus.

With that in mind, here are our bare essentials for a bike tour – everything else is additional…

  • Padded shorts
  • Energy supplements, such as nutritional, caffeine/energy gels
  • Specialist shoes
  • Quick release pedals
  • Spare inner tubes
  • Puncture repair kits
  • First aid kit
  • 5L Camelbak to be used every 3 hours
  • Tool kit for bike repairs
  • Bike lock
  • Headlights for bicycle

Pack even less or more – depending upon how much / little you like to have to hand, we can help – take advantage of our service support and / or luggage forwarding.

When you are finished packing – or writing your list of things NOT to pack – tweet us at @UKBikeBus. Think we’ve missed something? Comment on the post and improve on our list!

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