Stress Free Travel: Packing For a Group Trip

9th June 2015

Use these tips for perfecting your luggage and storage plans whether you’re on a couple’s break, family holiday or group trip!

There is nothing worse than being stressed about holiday plans, finding documentation and then realising your case isn’t full and it won’t fasten already!  With that in mind, here are our travel luggage tips:

16 Luggage and Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Before you start lay all of your luggage out on the bed and pick a scenario where each will be worn – focus on the essential items, like underwear and tops and trousers – don’t take X amount of shirts extra ‘just in case’.
  2. Another key point – make sure you pack outfits and not just separates that don’t go with anything and therefore can’t be worn!
  3. Put shoes, underwear and swimwear in the corners of your case – it doesn’t matter if they’re creased or squashed a little.
  4. Ladies going somewhere warm? Take dresses, which can be worn again and updated with accessories and also save space than packing a top and shorts.
  5. Save weight – buy minis!
  6. Take plastic carrier bags for damp towels and swimming costumes
  7. Flying? Take a new top in your carry on to feel fresher upon arrival
  8. Make a list! Always make a list of the essentials and stick to it!
  9. Ensure your insurance cover also takes into account your luggage – not all policies do
  10. Stick a small piece of cling film over an open bottle and then refasten the lid – no nasty surprises when you open your case!
  11. Roll clothes – it saves space and minimises wrinkling!
  12. Wrap glass bottles – alcohol – in your beach towels for space saving and extra protection on bumpy journeys
  13. Put shoes in shower caps to keep them from dirtying clothes
  14. Wear heavier items – taking wedge heels or hiking boots? Wear them for the journey if appropriate or put them in hand luggage!
  15. Going abroad? Check the weight of your case to ensure you don’t lose our on serious weight allowance.
  16. Are you walking with the case a lot? Consider the type of case you buy – 2 wheels or 4? Does it move with ease or are the wheels locked in position? Who will be manoeuvring the case? Also, the kids have just as much weight allowance as you on flights so use theirs! Soft cases can be preferable to hard shell cases because they offer wiggle room for squashing more in and are less likely to be damaged at the airport.

If you have any tips for travelling on long journeys, get in touch with us at @stanley_travel!

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