Employee Spotlight

5th December 2016

Icy conditions in winter can trouble any driver, no matter how experienced or confident you may be. While trying to avoid the situation is the best option, black ice is often hard to detect and can cause you to skid at any moment. To best prevent an accident and ensure you drive safely on ice, Read More

21st November 2016

Driving in the winter can be extremely daunting, especially during adverse weather conditions like snow and ice. But fortunately you don’t have to be a professional driver to have a safe journey in the colder months! All you must remember to do is to prepare by doing 8 quick and simple things before setting off. Read More

25th January 2016

The third instalment in our latest winter driving series, focuses on driving in difficult conditions due to the weather – snow and ice. Remember that we are only providing guidelines and general advice – for any specific advice or queries about your vehicle and its capabilities to drive in adverse conditions, please consult your local Read More