Taxi Travel across the Globe

31st August 2015

Taxis aren’t a modern thing and they don’t just come in the form of London black cabs, New York yellow cabs and Uber services.

Let’s explore the history of the taxicab and how the vehicles and services differ across the globe…

Facts and Trivia about Taxis

  • Before the motor vehicle, there were horse-drawn for-hire services in London and Paris, which started during the early 1600s. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • The world’s first taxi was built in 1897 and was named the Daimler Victoria. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • Interestingly, The United Arab Emirates Taxicab Co was the first taxi company in the US and they were also the first to paint taxis yellow! [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • Following on from the previous fact, in 1967 it was ordered by NYC Officials that all taxies be yellow – yellow is chosen because it is the easiest colour to be seen from a distance. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • Two-way taxi radios were first introduced to taxis in the 1940s, allowing dispatchers and drivers to communicate better. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • Up until 1976, all London taxis were required, by law, to carry a bale of hay and a stack of oats. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • To this day, it is illegal to hail a taxi in England… if you have ‘The Plague’ (the last major epidemic of such, The Great Plague of London, lasted from 1665 to 1666). [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • In Seattle, Washington, a taxi driver is not allowed to wear shorts, sandals, jogging gear or sweatshirts. [Source: Taxi Fare Finder]
  • In Madagascar, cab drivers commonly stop for gas during the trip and require the rider to pay at the pump. [Source: Gainesville Maroon Cab]
  • Taxi drivers in Rome double their fares whenever it rains. [Source: Gainesville Maroon Cab]
  • In Cairo, Egypt, taxi drivers stalk pedestrians as they walk to solicit fares. [Source: Gainesville Maroon Cab]
  • Did you know that the first female cab driver in New York City started working in 1925 – by the late 1960s, just 1 NY cabbie in 10 was a female. Today, less than 1 in a 100 NY cabbies are female. [Source: Gainesville Maroon Cab]
  • In Australia and New Zealand, it is considered polite to sit in the front passenger seat of a taxi when riding alone. [Source: Yukon Hostels]
  • In Cuba, they don’t use motor cars, instead you flag down a moped with a fibreglass shell – they are known as ‘cocotaxis’ and get the name from their unusual shape. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]
  • Taxis in Mexico are often heavily customised with religious imagery and extra parts. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]
  • In China, the use of for-hire rickshaws is popular as they are more expensive than taxis, but can better avoid traffic jams. Tipping is also frowned upon as it implies workers are not being paid enough. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]
  • Russia’s Gypsy-cabs are unregulated and travelling in one is not recommended by the British Embassy in Moscow. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]
  • In the United Arab Emirates, it’s possible to hire a taxi that is a supercar, with Dubai being home to a number of supercar fleets, including the Dubai Lamborghini Taxi. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]
  • Tap Taps in Haiti charge a flat rate for every passenger as they continue to pick up passengers until the vehicle is full. They are often decorated with religious and political slogans and portraits of famous people. [Source: The Taxi Centre ‘Infographic’ via Daily Mail Online]

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