What is a Data System?

  1. You Phone or Call in to our Booking Office, and book your Taxi with one of our Operators
  2. Your Booking is entered into Computerised Booking System.
  3. When your taxi is required, the computer searches for the nearest available Taxi to your pickup address, using GPS tracking data and then sends your booking to that car, by means of a Digitally Encoded RadioSignal. This signal is a sequence of long and short “beeps” that only our In-Car Computers can understand.
  4. Step 4: When the In-Car Computer receives details of your booking, it alerts the driver, who reads the details on their Computer Screen.
  5. Step 5: If you booked via a mobile, our system now sends you a text to confirm that your taxi is on it’s way, as well as the make, model and registration number of your taxi.
  6. Step 6: Your taxi arrives outside of your house, and our computer either rings you or sends you a text to tell you the car is outside. No more watching out the window!

Why did we choose this system?

  1. We purchased this system to benefit YOU, when we send details to cars using Digital Radio Signals; we can now be 100% certain, that if any burglars are listening in, they can’t hear who we are picking up, and where we are taking them!
  2. The system allows us to keep full records of all account runs. We record the time & date a booking is placed, who made the booking, the name of the passenger, where the taxi was from and to.
  3. We are able to tell which driver and which car picked up any customer, at any time of the day and night, which inproves the security of our passengers!
  4. As our Office Staff spend less time dealing with drivers over 2way radios, they have more time to answer YOUR phone call.
  5. In most cases the computer automatically calculates the fare for your journey, when you make the booking, ensuring a Fairer Fare, from Here to There!
  6. As the computer calculates the nearest car, to a pickup, we are able to reduce dead mileage, which in turn means our fleet produces less CO2.
  7. For further information on Data Technology, visit our suppliers Datamaster UK