Tips For Planning Your C2C Ride

30th June 2014

It is now time to plan your Coast to Coast ride and we know that often the best things to discover are “top tips” and “FAQs” – so here are ours!

We all know that the C2C can be challenging, which is why over the years many riders have compiled some great ideas, advice and tips to ensure that you get the best out of your trip.

Top Tips

There are many great tips that we could give, but our favourites are:

  • Prepare for the elements: We advise in the section below the best time of year to travel, but always be aware that weather conditions can change – particularly when crossing the Pennines and Lake District areas. Take rain protection, a change of dry clothes and consider cycle capes and shoe covers (all potential forecasts are then covered).
  • Accessorise! You may scoff, but two smaller items of clothing are very important –mitts and shades. Interchangeable lenses on your shades can help keep you prepared for all elements and lighting. Mitts will help keep those hands comfortable and firmly gripped on those handlebars!
  • Know where you’re going and take a map anyway! Whether it is the road signs confusing you (although the directional signs along the C2C route are great) or you’ve been too busy enjoying the landscape, a map is crucial for every cyclist. If you get separated from your group you’ll thank your lucky stars that a map is in your possession. Plot routes and discover new areas – it all adds to the adventure of the C2C!

Your Questions Answered

“I’m sure there’s no right answer, but when is the best time to attempt the Coast to Coast route?”

In terms of year? We’d advise the spring / summer season, think May – September, you’ll typically expect relatively consistent weather during these months (although of course there has been flash flooding and heat waves at this time of year, good ol’ British weather!). Be aware that it can get pretty crowded in the height of summer, with school holidays. There are also more daylight hours at this time of year and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter snow and ice!

“Is there a reason I should carry money with me on the trip (or bank cards etc)?”

There is a need for money if you want to make use of the various B&Bs en route – if you haven’t already arranged one of our excellent packages which include accommodation, although there may be a few ATMs in towns you pass through (dependent on route).

“We want to camp – what are the camping conditions like?”

Our holidays cater for those wishing to stay in a warm, cosy bed each night, but if you want to experience the great outdoors – go for it! Camping equipment will be harder to transport but there are plentiful of campsites for you to stop and take a load off or stop for the night.

“What about safety – for instance, will we need spare parts and repair kits?”

You should always prepare for the unknown and carry first aid kits and safety repair kits, but with Stanley Travel there will be a emergency backup and support vehicle on hand, which can help with servicing, minor repairs and will provide spare bikes. Don’t forget to check out our other Bike Bus blog updates, which will answer this question in further detail!

If you’d love to know more about the C2C there are already great resources on the internet (including many more in this blog) or you can tweet @UKBikeBus for a direct response!

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