Tips for Maintaining Your Caravan This Summer

20th June 2016

Although a lot of us have already had our caravans out of storage, with the children’s summer holidays rapidly approaching, it might be the first time that some of you have ventured out.

Before you make that first trip, ensure that you have completed the basic checks, so to make that job easier, we’re sharing our top tips for summer caravan maintenance.


Check the tyre pressure of the tyres on your caravan and the tow car, make sure to check for cracks and damage. Underinflated tyres can lead to poor handling of the vehicle and quicker fuel consumption to maintain your desire speed.

Doors and Windows

Ensure that your doors and windows are still secure and haven’t deteriorated while in storage or due to weather conditions. Make sure to take care when checking door and window seals as well as any latches and locks.


Check that your battery is fully charged and doesn’t seem to be suffering from a leak.

Breakaway Cable & Fastenings

This should only require a once over as it would be visible if there were issues with either of these. Check that your leads to pull the caravan are safe – any damage could potentially continue to weaken your leads throughout your journey.

Jockey Wheel & Handbrake

Are both functioning properly? Check for any wear and tear or corrosion that might have occurred over the last season or while in storage, particularly if it’s been outside during adverse weather conditions.

Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector

You should ensure for the safety of all of your guests that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working. Replace the batteries immediately if they aren’t.


All electrics should be working efficiently and clearly visible. Check brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, parking lights and side lights – clean any mud and grime from them too.

Internal Appliances

Double check that your internal appliances, such as the fridge, cooker and heaters are working. Check all gas and electrical connections, including plug sockets.

These are all fairly basic checks and we will be compiling a number of blogs in relation to caravanning holidays and storage in the coming months.

If you’re due to go on a caravanning holiday, we hope you have a happy trip!

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