Top Safety Tips for Your Caravan

29th August 2016

Prevent any security incidents with your caravan by considering additional measures for your van, including alarms and locks.

Stanley Travel has collated a selection of crime deterrents that will help keep your caravan safe and secure in this list below.

Remember that there are two things you can do to ensure that your caravan is avoided by would-be thieves:

  • Keep all valuables, including gaming consoles, laptops and phones out of sight of windows and doors.
  • Never leave caravan doors and windows open, even if you can put windows “on the latch”, you should avoid doing so. Even when you’re inside the caravan, if it has more than one entrance you should ensure they are secure as you may not hear someone entering the other door.


6 Safety and Security Devices for Your Caravan

The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS)

It’s crucial that you look into The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS) and understand exactly what this means for you in the event of a security / safety incident.

All UK caravans manufactured since 1992 are automatically given a CRiS number which can allow owners to be contacted should their caravan be stolen.

Do not keep your registration documents in the caravan. Store them in a safe place elsewhere.

Tracking systems

Use a tracking system such as a GPS that is linked to a central database, meaning that if your van is stolen it can be tracked, located and recovered.

Tracking systems can also, usually, reduce insurance premiums, but it’s important to find out – before you buy – if it needs to be professionally installed.

Caravan marking

You can mark the roof of your caravan with the last 6 digits of its CRiS number for additional security and remember that fixtures and fittings can also be marked with a ultra-violet pen, as can any bicycles you bring to the caravan with you!

Hitch Locks

Prevent your caravan moving by investing in a hitch lock, which locks over the towing hitch with fixing bolts, preventing thieves from towing the mobile home, as well as being a visual deterrent. If you look to be proactive about your caravan safety, you’re probably going to have additional security methods in place – in the mind of a thief.

Wheel Clamps

These work in a similar way to hitch locks and are often the minimum form of security required by caravan insurers. These fit over the wheels to prevent them rotating and will prevent the caravan from being towed. Remember that you should consider the strength of the material of the device, as well as the lock. A wheel clamp made of thick, high-grade steel could be considered costly, but it could be worthless if it is secured by a cheap lock.

Security Posts

These are ideal for people that keep their mobile homes at home on the driveway as a security post is an automatic deterrent to a would-be thief. This visible security device is concreted into the ground and used to anchor the caravan to the spot with a heavy duty chain and padlock.


Of course, there are a variety of additional security methods and you should carefully consider which ones work best for you.

Don’t forget that secure caravan storage is also a significantly important factor. Ask Stanley Travel for details about our caravan storage facilities and advice about what we can offer you.

  • Enquire about Stanley Travel’s caravan storage facilities and pricing by calling 01207 237 424.

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