The Ultimate Top 10 Cycling Tips from Bike Bus

11th August 2014

We’ve given lots of advice over the course of our blogs to date, but there are some things that are best to repeat – after all the message will go in easier!

Everything from group cycling etiquette to travelling alone safely has been discussed and advised upon in this blog, which is why we’re rounding up some of the best of what we’ve offered plus the other vital points, yet to be covered.

Here are our Ultimate Top 10 Cycling Tips…

  • Safety: Never be followed home by a suspicious character, travel to a public place instead and dial 999.
  • Packing: You have to ride with whatever you pack – bring essentials, nothing more.
  • Fitness: Never start cycling (or other exercise) or a long journey without speaking to a medical / fitness professional about your health, capabilities and any necessary training.
  • Maintenance: All questions and issues share one common theme – keep your bike well maintained and take it for regular services.
  • Choice: Picking a bicycle for any journey is a crucial decision – see your bike shop for advice, if unsure, as it can make or break a trip.
  • Predictability: Our skill at being predictable riders helps other road users react to our actions – remain “obvious” and clear in all that you do while cycling.
  • Hydration: Keep your mind and body fresh, never let yourself become dehydrated –crucially important in hot / humid weather conditions.
  • Intervals: Don’t push yourself if you feel your legs tiring or your reaction / decision-making times slowing down. You’ll burn out.
  • Improve: Always improve your abilities and knowledge of cycling – what else is out there to entice and intrigue you?
  • Influence: Just because you’re leading the group doesn’t mean you should “sprint”, equally don’t feel pressured to catch up to someone if the group you’re travelling with pulls away / cycles past.

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