Visit Harrogate Flower Show and Autumn Gardening Must Dos

5th September 2016

We’re visiting Harrogate in September, complete with the option to visit the Autumn Flower Show taking place on Saturday 17th September.

With this trip in mind, we’re sharing some of our favourite tips for autumn gardening.

More information about the upcoming flower show is available on the official website here.

10 Autumn Gardening Must Dos

  1. Pot plant cuttings to prepare for new flowers next year. [Source: Homelife]
  2. Prune climbing roses and rambling roses once they’ve finished flowering and tie in the stems to prevent damage. [Source: Thompson & Morgan]
  3. In early autumn, plant spring bedding, such as wallflowers and polyanthus as well as your spring bulbs. [Source: BBC/How to be a Gardener]
  4. During mid-autumn lay new lawns, as long as the soil isn’t too wet and ensure that fencing and garden ornaments are secure in advance of windy nights. [Source: BBC/How to be a Gardener]
  5. Fruit trees, fruit bushes and perennial plants are best bought soon and planted between autumn and spring. [Source: Thompson & Morgan]
  6. Trim the hedges in advance of winter weather making it more difficult to do so in the coming months. [Source: Homelife]
  7. In late autumn you can plant shrubs, roses and hedging plants that are sold with bare roots, as well as tulips and hyacinths. [Source: BBC/How to be a Gardener]
  8. Use the falling leaves for your compost bin! [Source: Homelife]
  9. It may be necessary to take down hanging baskets, in advance of declining weather conditions, as they’re most at risk of blowing away and causing damage in high winds. [Source: Express]
  10. Aerate your lawn with a garden fork or raking thatch to avoid waterlogging and compaction over the winter period. [Source: Thompson & Morgan]

Come along to visit Harrogate and see the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show with Stanley Travel

Visit Harrogate and enjoy free time visiting its landmarks and popular independent shops, on Saturday 17th September.

Alternatively, join us to see the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show that same day – Saturday 17th September.

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