Visit Whitby on Good Friday – Perfect for Fish & Chips!

27th March 2017
Visit Whitby on Good Friday – Perfect for Fish & Chips!
Visit Whitby on Good Friday – Perfect for Fish & Chips!

Visit Whitby with Stanley Travel and enjoy the perfect excuse for fish and chips.

We’re taking you to see the 13th century Whitby Abbey as well as enjoy the culture of Captain James Cook’s hometown.

Whether you’re a fan of history and would love to find out about Whitby’s infamous links to Bram Stoker’s Dracula or want a day out with the family without worries, Whitby is perfect for you!

5 Facts about Whitby

  1. The original Whalebone Arch was erected around 1853 and is preserved in the Whitby Archives Heritage Centre – it was replaced in 2003 (Source: Park Manor)
  2. A large portion of Bram Stoker’s famous novel was set in Whitby, describing Dracula’s arrival in Britain on a ship washed ashore in the harbour, and how Lucy watched from the churchyard as the sun set over the nearby headland of Kettleness, but did not know how many steps she climbed to get there. [Source: Thinkypedia]
  3. Captain James Cook set sail from Whitby and his ship HMS Endeavour was built in Whitby in 1764, taking Cook on his amazing journey to Botany Bay (Source: Park Manor)
  4. Whitby Abbey was actually bombed in World War I by artillery on a German ship firing on the town (Source: Whitby Storyteller)
  5. The name Whitby comes from “whiteby”, which means “the white settlement” in Old Norse. [Source: Thinkypedia]

Enjoy a trip to Whitby on Good Friday with Stanley Travel

Our day trip to Whitby, costs just £14.00 for under 16s, £15.00 per adult and £54.00 for a family ticket (4 passengers).

Come along and visit Whitby, with Stanley Travel on April 14th 2017. To book please visit the event page.

  • Find out more about Stanley Travel’s extensive range of day trips and holidays now, or book your trip to Whitby by calling 01207 237 424.

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