Your Commute Doesn’t Have To Mean Naptime – Make The Most of Those Extra Minutes!

6th February 2017
Your Commute Doesn’t Have To Mean Naptime!
Make use of your commute with these brilliant ideas

We all know how ‘painful’ commuting can seem, especially when it seems like it’s a never-ending, increasingly large part of your working day, but there are ways to improve it…

Whether you’re hoping to make the time more productive, catch up on some ZZZs or generally make the experience more pleasant, here are our top tips for commuters far and wide.

  1. Grab a puzzle book or the daily newspaper and try the crossword – get your brain buzzing ready to ‘dive right in’ at work
  2. Use the time to meditate and get in the right ‘zone’ for work – place both feet on the floor, close your eyes, breathe deeply
  3. Learn something new during this time – whether it’s a language, new recipe or some fact-finding to boost your general knowledge
  4. The night before, download some new apps to browse and do something different on your commute – we have a list of the best apps coming soon!
  5. Take a book or your Kindle! However you choose to read, why not bring a book or your Kindle instead of splashing out on magazines every week?
  6. Take your journal or add to your Mac Notes all of the things you’re going to do today – why not consider starting ‘bullet journaling’?
  7. Check emails and voicemails, if you’re feeling productive, so the day moves faster once you’ve arrived at the office
  8. Send that email to Aunt Jean in Australia or send a private Facebook message to Uncle Alan – catch up with your loved ones, it’ll make you feel warm and loved!
  9. Feeling creative? Draft that blog post or draft your next eBay selling items. There are lots of ways to do your extracurricular activities during your commute to free up some time at home – and stop you getting distracted ‘on the job’

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