So, You’ve Done The Coast 2 Coast, But What’s Next?

18th August 2014

Following the Coast to Coast route – a pretty euphoric moment – you can kind of feel, well, lost! What’s next?

As with anything that takes dedication, training and nothing short of hard work, the Coast to Coast route is a brilliant achievement, but there is a little element of deflation soon afterwards, if you don’t have the “next big thing” lined up.

Which is why, Bike Bus have come up with some fantastic solutions:

  • Put your feet up! Well just briefly. There was a lot of hard work and sheer pain that got your through your ride – if you “went for it” – maybe, it wasn’t for you or maybe it was just your thing, either way, take a break. When you’re taking that break consider how the ride went and how it’s impacted on your thoughts for long distance cycling.
  • Train! Don’t lose the momentum of keeping a health and fitness regime – your muscles will make you pay, if you restart it later on!
  • Join a fitness class! Whether it’s to fill the temporary void of outdoor cycling, or it’s because you love cycling as a way of keeping fit, classes such as spinning are excellent workouts and great (gruelling) fun!
  • Do it again! The Coast to Coast changes with the weather, season, people and the bike you use. Doing it again in a different manner is guaranteed to feel equally exhilarating, but present a whole host of new challenges.
  • Find the next route! Some fantastic cycling routes lie in wait (Bike Bus have info for UK ones) with popular ones being from Land’s End to John O’Groats, right up to participating in European cycle rides.

Whatever you do, keep in touch with Bike Bus, who can offer personalised advice and pointers about what is best for you – tweet us at @UKBikeBus and let us know your post-C2C plans!

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